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Small Luxuries I Cannot Live Without

Do you need all of these items to be happy? Yes. Just kidding (kinda).

I am a bit dramatic. If I really had to live without these items, I would survive (barely), but these small indulgences bring me tremendous joy.

I love garlic, but I hate chopping garlic. Solution: adorable mini chopper! I use this way more often than I thought I would. Well worth the $20!

I cannot tell you how much joy these rubber gloves bring me. They have made doing dishes so much less dreadful. I will never do dishes bare-handed again.

I am a press-on nail fanatic and, as a self-proclaimed expert in this field, Chillhouse press-ons are the best. They are the perfect length and shape, they last for over a week, and they have the best designs. Whenever I'm wearing them I get so many compliments.

Spend the extra $2 a month for more iCloud storage. Just do it. You deserve it.

These are the comfiest sneakers ever. I cannot recommend them enough! Zappos always has a great deal on them, too.

If you're like me, you grew up lugging around the iconic Vera Bradley duffle bag to and from sleepovers. Don't get me wrong - it was (and is) a fantastic travel bag. The Stoney Clover duffle is the Vera Bradley duffle's cool older sister. It's great quality and the perfect size. And you can add on patches to personalize yours!

Harley Rose is a floral shop in Asbury Park, NJ and I am obsessed with this place. They have the most beautiful one-of-a-kind arrangements. I love having them as decor in my home, and they also make amazing gifts!

There is no pen better than this one. It is the most popular pen in Japan for a reason. Don't just take my word for it - The Skinny Confidential wrote an entire blog post about how great these pens are.

There is nothing worse than having to take multiple trips up the stairs/elevator with all your groceries. Keeping this foldable cart in my car has been a lifesaver for me.

Note: this may only be useful for people who live in apartments.

This is very gen-z of me, but you need an LED light strip behind your TV. It makes such a difference! Linked here are some examples of what I'm referring to. Elevate the ambiance when watching a movie (or The Real Housewives).

If there is one takeaway from this blog post let it be this: get a Kindle. I know, I know - "but I like holding a physical book!" Trust me, I do, too, but I love instant gratification more. There is nothing better than wanting to read a specific book, and with just a few clicks you have it right then and there. No need to leave your house hoping the book store or library has it in stock. Another selling point of the Kindle is clicking on a word and the dictionary definition popping up. It's so easy and helpful! I could truly go on for days about how great Kindles are.

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