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The Best Companies to Follow on Instagram

It seems like there is always someone complaining about the amount of time millennials/Gen Z spend on Instagram. Love it or hate it, it is essential that brands and companies utilize this platform for their business to be successful. As someone who is admittedly obsessed with all things digital, I love seeking out how different brands uniquely utilize their social platforms. Here are just a few of my favorite companies to follow on Instagram:

I absolutely LOVE supporting women-owned businesses. What I love even more is buying cute and trendy bags and accessories. Add these two factors together and you have Stoney Clover.

Revolve is not only one of my favorite places to shop, but it also has one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. This is my go-to platform for discovering the latest fashion trends.

For a product that is not necessarily the most glamorous to see on Instagram, Ring is a company that is absolutely crushing it on this platform. They post real experiences of how their product has enhanced the lives of their consumers. From robberies that were prevented to a bear taking a dip in someone's hot tub, Ring's Instagram account is humorous and fascinating to follow.

This is one of the hottest independently-owned brands out there. Their feed is extremely aesthetically pleasing and I would bet that there will be big things coming for this company in the near future.

La Croix is unique in the way that it curates obnoxiously bold content without seeming overwhelming. Their brand is clear: bold, fun and bubbly.

If you haven't seen the American Meme on Netflix you won't believe the origins of this company. A rosé drought one summer in the Hamptons led to a famous Instagram meme account creating the infamous and Instagram-able White Girl Rosé as a product from the company BABE. Their Instagram is cheeky and fun as their brand's origin.

Paper Magazine's Instagram is both one of the funniest and one of the most woke accounts on the platform. In between the feed's hilarious commentary you will find a voice grounded in advocacy and girl power.

Ah, good ol' tarzhay. Arguably my home away from home. The place that has everything uses this platform to show everything it has to offer with ease and fluidity.

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