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As soon as I moved to Philadelphia, I was immediately drawn to the wide variety of restaurants. The Philly food scene put my small town in Delaware's dining options to shame. So naturally, I had to document all of my meals on social media. 

One thing they don't tell you about college is that, especially when you are a freshmen, most of your classes will have awkwardly long breaks in between each other. During this new and novel downtime, I created a separate Instagram account dedicated solely to my food adventures called @YoungndHungry.


Since then, @YoungndHungry has gained over 5,000 followers, worked with numerous brands and restaurants, and been featured on tons of different restaurants' social platforms.

Check out my media kit here.

Media Kit
Media Kit
Youngndhungry Media Kit1.jpg
Youngndhungry Media Kit.jpg
Features & Partners
My content has been featured on:
- Hummusology
- Arctic Scoop
- Dae Bak
- Honeygrow
- Front Street Cafe
- Kohr Brothers
- Saige Cafe
- Broad Street Dough Co.
- Eat Poke Bro
- Richie's
- Modine
- Konditori
- Sarge's Deli
- Boylan Bottling
- Kilwin's Annapolis
- Fox and Son
... and more!
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