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Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) National Bateman Case Study Commpetition

This year I had the privillege of being a member of Temple University's PRSSA National Bateman Competition Team to educate both students and educators in the Klein College of Media and Communication about the unfulfilled diversity and inclusion opportunity in the PR field. Beginning in Black History Month, the campaign aimed to connect diverse practitioners as mentors to students of color through several events, including a Diverse Voices Book Club. The competition attracts colleges and universities from around the country who are assigned a common client against which they develop and present their best campaign ideas. This year, the client is the PRSA Foundation which provides scholarships and resources to aspiring professionals in order to increase diversity in communication workplaces across the United States.

The Diverse Voices Book Club is inspired by the book Diverse Voices: Profiles in Leadership which features the stories of 40 diverse public relations professionals who have overcome adversity throughout their careers. Diverse Voices is the handiwork of the PRSA Foundation. The program is funded by the donations of prominent Philadelphia PR professionals, offering students admission into the book club, a copy of Diverse Voices and a safe space to talk about their experiences while gaining insight from practitioners of color.

Check out our final submission
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